dream team

Great team to teach and support you 

Our team is here to help, guide, and support you. We are all very different from each other, but we all go in the same direction. The average student stays with us between 2-5 years. That means a lot to us. It's not only the school, learning, and new skills. Its a friendship for life!


CEO of the language school, Polish and Engish Teacher, and creator of the Czech, Polish, and English teaching system.

English and Polish teacher for the past 19 years in Poland, Spain, England, and the Czech Republic. I have a passion for people, languages, and travel. I organize meaningful group trips around  Europe and write a travel blog: fb.me/singlemotherontheroad and manage a Language school for Czech students www.anglickajazykovka.cz  and also Czech for foreigners. www.czech-tutors-online.cz . I am going to launch Polish Online School for foreigners very soon :) https://polish-tutors-online-pl.webnode.co.uk



Passionate teacher for many years. She is always positive, funny, caring, and really hardworking. She loves people, children, and teenagers. She creates intensive lessons full of interesting exercises. She is passionate about teaching and about people. Amazing, clever, and positive energy tornado :) Our students stay with her for many years.  Teaches:   Czech for foreigners, English for adults and children- in class, and online lessons. 


Gabriela is a really focused and thorough teacher, that creates professional lesson plans and focuses a lot on the student. She is fun to be with and she loves her job. She will take you from total beginner to advanced level in Czech explaining all the complicated grammar rules in a super simple way. She will always be there for you and will always find a solution to any issue.

Teaches: German (adults and children), Czech for foreigners, and English B1-B2, both in class and online.